Certifications: N.A.S.M Certified. (National Academy of Sports Medicine)  PES Certified (Performance Enhancement Specialist) American Red Cross CPR and AED Certified T.I.T.A.N stands for:  TOTAL INTEGRATED TRAINING AND NUTRITION Jim Smith is a NASM certified personal trainer and fitness expert.  His expertise extends the full range of the fitness world, including but not limited to:  stretching and flexibility, cross [...]

Jason H.


I was in a car accident that limited my daily activities in which i had to have two back surgery’s. Since the surgery i had a lot of time to recuperate, Which led to gaining weight and muscle loss. I started with Jim about 4 1/2 month’s ago and have lost 22 lbs and 8.5% [...]





I have been training with Jim for about six months now, and all I can say is “Wow”. He has taught me so much and has changed me so much, that sometimes I impress myself. He is my motivation!!! Thank you so much T.I.T.A.N TRAINERS for all you do and mostly for putting up with [...]

Sample Menu – 1500 calories per day

Sample Menu Calorie Intake 1500 Per day Calories from: Protein 750 Per day Carbs 450 Per day Fat 300 Per day Meal 1 Pro Carb Fat Cal ,5 cup slow cooking oats w/cinn.& splenda to taste 3 12 1.5 72 1 fresh strawberry chopped tr tr tr tr .5 cup of skim milk 4 6 [...]

Sample Menu – 1200 calories per day

Sample Menu Calorie Intake 1200 Per day Calories from: Protein 600 Per day 25 gr per meal Carbs 360 Per day 15 gr per meal Fat 240 Per day 4.6gr per meal Meal 1 Pro Carb Fat Cal ,5 cup slow cooking oats w/cinn.& splenda to taste 3 12 1.5 72 1 fresh strawberry chopped [...]



I always look forward to my training sessions with Jim. No matter how I feel when I enter the gym, I always have a great workout and leave feeling better. I had found it difficult to gain muscle mass, but Jim seems to be able to push me that extra bit that I needed to [...]



I started training with Jim last year after I saw what great results my boyfriend, Justyn, got from training. Jim helped me lose 10lbs and 5% body fat for my sisters wedding. I’ve started back training with Jim and have lost another 20lbs and another 6% body fat!!! Can’t wait to see how much further [...]

Lauren H.


He freaking rocks!!!  Before Jim I had been working out on my own for about 6 months and saw little to no results. In just “ONE” month I have been training with Jim I have dropped 13 lbs and lost 5% body fat. Where now headed into the second month and hope to see more [...]

Dr. Mark


Jim is a very diligent and professional trainer in his methods and approach to total body wellness. He shares his interests in the importance of a good balanced diet plan, fluid hydration, and regular exercise to reduce overall stress. As a retired doctor with spinalarthritis and chronic back pain, simple tasks like standing and walking have [...]