Is Alcohol Bad For Weight Loss?

Man Pouring Wine

Ultimately, weight loss comes down to consistently consuming fewer calories through your diet than you burn through activity. With that said, while the occasional alcoholic beverage won’t spell the end to your weight-loss results, regularly consuming alcohol may sabotage your success.

Unlike protein, carbohydrates, and fat, alcohol “a toxin” cannot be stored by the body. Some studies have shown that when you drink it,  especially while eating your body may divert all of its energy to burning the alcohol rather than the calories you took in from your meal, which instead are stored as fat for later. Also, current research suggests that ingesting alcohol might put the brakes on the body’s ability to burn fat, raises cortisol a hormone that leads to muscle breakdown and fat storage  and “decreases testosterone” a key hormone that helps us gain or preserve our muscle tissue for up to 24 hours. If you don’t gain or preserve your muscle tissue while on a weight loss program, your metabolism will likely slow down resulting in fewer calories burned throughout the day,  further compounding the difficulty to lose weight. Lastly, research indicates that drinking before a meal causes us to eat more food than we would have otherwise, which if done regularly will certainly impede progress when trying to lose those excess pounds.

The bottom line is that you have to evaluate and determine if the temporary feelings that enjoying an alcoholic beverage bring you outweigh the feelings and sense of accomplishment that come with achieving your weight loss goal and having the body you’ve worked so hard for


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