J.D. aka Spindiana Jones


I have lost over 25 pounds and 9% body fat since working out with TITAN training. Jim’s exercises span the entire globe of modern day health and fitness.  Not only do I feel great but my strength has reached levels  I NEVER thought it would.  I am faster and stronger now than I was in [...]

Tiffany Jockers


I started working out with TITAN trainers over a year ago. I didn’t want to get into a bikini before working out with Jim. Thanks to TITAN trainers, my bikini modeling has taken off and have been published in 2 bikini calendars along with 4+ local magazines. Check out Tiffany’s you tube video to the [...]


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Steve Larson






Why Is Cardiovacular Training And Resistance Training Important Together…

Cardiovascular Training What is cardiovascular training? Cardiovascular training is anything that gets your heart pumping at an elevated speed. This includes: walking, jogging, bike riding, swimming, playing sports, dancing, roller skating, really anything that gets that heart pumping. The more muscles groups you are using, the harder the heart is working. Cardiovascular training is used to [...]

Jim and Paula


Paula and I had a goal of canoeing the Wilderness Waterway in the Everglades. We started working with Jim in September and were seeing results in just a few months. We had a very successful trip, and a large part of our success was due to working with Jim to increase our strength, and stamina. [...]


Having a lab test indicate you’re made out of jelly could send a girl off on a juice-cleanse bender, but that would actually slow your metabolism. “If you’re on a very low-cal regimen — in the 400- to 800-calorie-a-day range — metabolism falls by 15 to 20 percent,” says David Nieman, PhD, professor of exercise [...]

James and Jan


Jim and i have been training with Jim Smith about 5 weeks and we both have had good results. Jim is a great trainer and stays right with you and shows you each step of the way. I could’nt ask for a better trainer, our training sessions will be over soon but with what we been taught [...]